EME, powerful in power current

EME, in full Electro Mechanic Equipment nv is a family-owned company situated in Glabbeek (Belgium). Founded in 1961 by René Vandereycken, this SME was always active in the world of electrical energy distribution and process optimization.

EME's mission (click here)

Our scope:

Building of custom made disconnectors and load-breaking switches. At this end we have an autonomous production department with an own design division. Each year this ISO9001 certified business unit produces more than 1000 custom made disconnectors involving more than a 100 different models mainly intended for export.

Import and distribution of components. On the one hand for switching, measuring, supervising and protection of electrical energy, on the other hand for process optimization. This allows the EME engineers to offer the most suitable solutions on the Belgian Market like measuring transducers, voltage & current transformers, protection & measuring relays, capacitor banks and PLC components.

Realization of high-tech installations in terms of industrial energy distribution. This is the job of our power current department active on the Belgian market. Our team delivers and installs complete MV-installations and constructs int. al. complicated protection panels or racks for distribution networks & utilities, low- and medium voltage panels and uncommon control and measuring panels required for decentralized energy production. Considering our year-long know-how in this domain we concentrate mainly on projects with high complexity and high engineering degree.

With over 30 specialist people and an optimal mix of knowledge and manpower, EME is ready to solve all your power current problems !